Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Border Adjustment News Clips (April 4, 2017)

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Weekly Standard: Weekly Standard: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify 4-10-17

Washington Post: White House explores two new tax ideas — a value-added tax and carbon tax — as leading proposal to raise revenue falters 4-4-17

CNBC: White House reportedly looks at two new tax options to replace divisive border adjustment 4-4-17

McClatchy DC: A tax at the border could be the next big Republican disagreement in Congress 4-3-17

Pulse News: Korean firms’ tax levy likely to shoot up under border adjustment tax 4-3-17

The Citizen’s Voice: Hoping Toomey votes against proposed border adjustment tax 4-3-17

WSJ: A New Tribalism Spreads in Donald Trump’s Washington 4-3-17

The Advocate: Letters: Business taxes passed to consumers 4-2-17

News Leader: Pay attention to unfair federal income tax codes 4-2-17

WSJ: How to Make Tax Reform Bipartisan 4-2-17

McLaughlin & Associates: March National Poll Results – Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) 3-31-17

The Tax Times: Possible Phase In Of Any Potential Border Tax Plan 3-31-17

CNBC: Trump still hasn't made up his mind on House border tax, Commerce's Wilbur Ross says 3-31-17

Financial Post: “Very little support” for border adjustment tax in Washington: Carr” 3-30-17

NY Times: Why I Support a Border-Adjustment Tax 3-30-17

Bloomberg: Congress Weighs Options to Soften Controversial Centerpiece of GOP Tax Plan 3-30-17

CNBC: John Deere Co. CEO: "Very Concerned" for farmer customers 3-30-17

Washington Examiner: Conservatives Can’t Afford To Let A Border Adjustment Tax Derail Tax Reform 3-29-17

CNBC: Congress’ Border Adjustment Tax: Senator Portman: GOP Should Pursue “More Traditional” Approach 3-29-17

Fox Business: Tax reform will be done this year: Rep. Kevin Brady 3-29-17

New York Magazine: 9 Big Questions About GOP Tax Reform 3-29-17

Philly.com: Border adjustment tax bad news for Pa. 3-29-17

CNBC: An influential GOP senator throws cold water on the polarizing House border tax provision 3-29-17

Mic: The Biggest Threat to Trump’s promise of job creation might just be Senate Republicans 3-28-17

The Daily Caller: Godfather Of Republican Border Adjustment Tax Plan Was A John Kerry Adviser 3-28-17

CNBC: Former U.S. Senate Budget Committee Chairman And Ways & Means Committee Chairman Judd Gregg 3-28-17

The Detroit News: Trump Should Ditch Border Tax 3-28-17

The Hill: Trump puts foreign investors first by supporting the Republican tax plan 3-28-17

ABC News: What we know (and don't) about Trump's tax reform plan 3-28-17

AL.com: Import tax talk casts shadow on Walmart hoopla in Mobile 3-28-17

The Times of India: Tax plan pivot may leave discretionaries vulnerable 3-28-17

Bloomberg: The Job Killer for the Retail Industry 3-28-17

WSJ: Republicans’ Tough Call on Taxes: Quick, Short Yardage or Hail Mary? 3-28-17

Fox Business: Congress’ Border Adjustment Tax: Ways & Means Member Kelly: “No” 3-27-17

CNBC: Border Adjustment Tax Something That Is “Very Convoluted” 3-27-17

Bloomberg: Kevin Cirilli: Border Adjustment Tax Has Divided GOP In Ways Similar To Health Care 3-27-17

Fox Business: At This Point The Border Adjustment Tax Is The Divide Within The Republican Party, Which Is Putting The Whole Tax Reform Effort In Jeopardy 3-27-17

CNBC: Border Adjustment Tax Is Opposed By U.S. House Freedom Caucus Leader & “The Number Of Senators Who Are Skeptical Of It Keeps Growing 3-27-17

WSJ: Congress Gears Up for Fight Over Spending After Failure of Health-Care Bill 3-27-17

The Hill: Retailers get aggressive in fight over GOP tax plan 3-27-17

NY Times: Trump’s Take on Corporate Tax Rate Could Look Very Much Like Obama’s 3-27-17

Fox News: Border Adjustment Tax “Even More Complicated Than Health Care Reform” 3-26-17

Fox News: Rep. Brady: We're full steam ahead on tax reform 3-26-17

The Hill: Vulnerable Senate Dem: Border tax concerning for agriculture 3-23-17

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