Monday, July 17, 2017

Obamacare Legislation Collapses in Senate. The Republicans can't Govern.

Not sure why I still worry about the BAT.  There is zero indication that the Senate would ever go for it, and even more to the point, the Republicans have nearly proven mathematically that they are unable to govern. Who knew?

Well, I have predicted that the Republicans would fracture, and they have.  What I have not been able to foresee is the Ryan/Brady political suicide pact to stick with the loathsome BAT until death do them part.  And that seems to be where they're at, despite no semblance of a House majority much less a path through the Senate.  All one needs to see is the healthcare debacle to know that the Republicans are all over the map on policy.  No Democrat will rescue them, either.  Bipartisanship under these circumstances is an absurd fantasy.

This being said, we are still exposed to a sell out by someone.  Even that seems hard to picture.  As we daily march closer to Midterms and further from the Trumpian invective of the 2016 General Election, with his wild promises and wilder plans, the odds that any member of Congress will take their political future in their hands by voting for something as destabilizing as the BAT seems below zero. I just can't see it.

Nevertheless, with Ryan and Brady clinging like grim death to this awful idea, we cannot let go.  It could, somehow, rise from the dead with such powerful if unpersuasive advocates.  When they say "no mas", I will consider the BAT dead, but until then, it's alive.

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