Tuesday, January 17, 2017

BAT Clips

On the grounds that this may help you, I am going to start publishing clips as I become aware of them.  Some of these links may be difficult for non-subscribers to access. For that, I apologize, but hopefully something is better than nothing . . . .

·       The Wall Street Journal, Richard Rubin and  Peter Nicholas, Donald Trump Warns on House Republican Tax Plan, 1/16/2017
·       Reuters, Vishal Sridhar, Trump calls corporate tax border adjustment 'too complicated': WSJ, 1/16/2017
·       Fox News, Trump, House Republicans may butt heads on tax plan, 1/16/2017
·       The Hill, Naomi Jagoda, Trump criticizes controversial piece of House GOP tax plan, 1/16/2017
·       Politico, Where are the Exporters?, 1/17/2017
·       Politico, This is a big deal, 1/17/2017
·       Reuters, Michael O'Boyle, Mexico will 'immediately' respond to any U.S. border tax: minister, 1/13/2017
·       Aljazeera, Mexico: US border tax could trigger 'global recession', 1/14/2017
·       Financial Times, Robin Harding, US border tax threatens Asian growth, 1/14/2017
·       The Pasadena Star-News, Rachel Uranga, Fashion: Worn in the USA, but made overseas, 1/15/2017
·       Seeking Alpha, Douglas Adams, Destination-Based Taxation - The Death Knell Of Global Growth?, 1/15/2017
·       eFX News, The 5 Stages Of The Trump Trade - Deutsche Bank, 1/15/2017
·       eFX News, US Border Tax: A 'Big Deal' For USD & AUD – NAB, 1/15/2017
·       Fortune, Aaron Pressman, Apple Could Lose Big Under Republican Tax Reform Plan, 1/13/2017
·       The Globe and Mail, Andrei Sulzenko, A U.S. federal sales tax would sure beat Trump's ‘border tax adjustments’, 1/15/2017
·       Orlando Sentinel, Stephen Moore , Stephen Moore: U.S. needs tax reform, not tariffs, to grow jobs, 1/15/2017
·       Bloomberg, Elisabeth Behrmann and Christoph Rauwald, German Automakers Push Back Trump’s Warning Over Mexican Plants, 1/16/2017
·       Fortune, Tory Newmyer, Paul Ryan Promotes Harmony with Donald Trump, but It Won’t Last, 1/13/2017
·       Real Clear Policy, David Williams, Taxing Imports Should Not Be Part of Tax Reform, 1/12/2017
·       Huffington Post, Daniel Tencer, ‘Bizarre GOP Scheme' Could Seriously Damage Canadian Economy, 1/16/2017
·       Politico, Edward Alden, The Roots of Trump's Trade Rage, 1/16/2017
·       CNBC, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Forget Obamacare — here’s the real Republican civil war, 1/13/2017
·       The Observer, Hank Daniszewski, Donald Trump auto export plan may backfire, experts say, 1/16/2017
·       Fraser Institute, Steven Globerman, Trump’s judgments on prices may keep Canadian companies guessing, 1/16/2017
·       Calgary Herald, Deborah Yedlin, Yedlin: Trump's proposed border adjustment tax could slam oilpatch, 1/17/2017
·       CNN, Matt Egan, Corona has a Trump-Mexico problem, 1/17/2017

·       CATO Daily Podcast, Trump and Trade: Peril and Promise of a Border Adjustment Tax [Radio], 1/13/2017

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