Thursday, January 26, 2017

WITA Border Adjustment Tax Conference, Industry Panel and Q&A

Today, I appeared as part of the Washington International Trade Association (WITA) policy conference entitled "Border Adjustment Taxes, Tax Reform and Trade".

The event was sold out, with more than 230 people in attendance.  In my opinion, the event was very strong with good participants discussing the issue sensibly and in an even-handed manner. The panelists were smart and offered useful and provocative perspective.

The event was two hours long, almost to the minute.  The two sessions were about equal in length.

I am going to put up the second panel first. This panel was comprised of taxpayers (industry people).  I was on this panel, surprise!

The panel comprised Janet Boyd (Dow), Brian Reardon (Venn Strategies, representing pass-through entities), Rachelle Bernstein (National Retail Federation) and yours truly Rick Woldenberg (CEO, Learning Resources, Inc.).  The moderator is Timothy Keeler of Mayer Brown and formerly the CoS in the office of the USTR.  The website for WITA is

The first video below is the opening remarks for the second panel, plus remarks by Boyd and Reardon. The second video is Rachelle Bernstein and me (I begin at 10:13).  The last video is Q&A.  They're all good.

My true recommendation is that you watch all two hours.  If you aren't that into this, you should watch me.  You might like my jokes, and more importantly, you might understand better why my hair is really on fire. There's not much hair left but it's on fire.

Video 1 (Boyd, Reardon):

Video 2 (Bernstein and Woldenberg):

Video 3 (Q&A):

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