Monday, May 1, 2017

Border Adjustment Clips of May 1, 2017

PRWeb: Border-Adjusted Tax Not the Answer to Tax Reform, According to New NCPA Report 4-28-17

CNBC: House is on '80% common ground' with Trump on taxes, Ways and Means chair Brady says 4-27-17

The Hill: Senate's No. 2 Republican: Border tax 'probably dead' 4-27-17 Arizona congressman happy to see border tax left out of Trump’s tax plan 4-27-17

CNBC: Senator Perdue will not sign off on any form of BAT 4-27-17

Real Clear Policy
: Don't Let Multinational Corporations Derail Tax Reform 4-26-17

: It turns out Trump is open to a border adjustment tax after all 4-26-17

Washington Examiner: Import tax is off Trump's agenda, but it's not completely dead 4-26-17

Bloomberg: Rep. Williams: BAT "it's a nonstarter with me" 4-26-17

S&P Global Platts
: White House proposes tax reform without border adjustment 4-26-17

Alternet: It's Official: How the Koch Brothers Killed Trump’s Job Plan 4-26-17

NY Times: Trump Is Said to Abandon Contentious Border Tax on Imports 4-25-17

CNBC: Trump's tax reform plan may include placeholder for border tax, official says 4-25-17

: Trump expected to include Democrat-friendly spending in tax plan 4-25-17

Fox Business: Trump's Tax Duo to Brief Senior U.S. Congress Leaders on Plan 4-25-17

Fox Business: Rep. Tenney: BAT Relies On “Some Elusive Presumptions” 4-25-17

Boston Globe: Small retailers add emotional punch in bid to kill border tax plan 4-24-17

Washington Times: Marsha Blackburn doubts that border-adjustment tax will be part of overall plan 4-24-17

Fox Business
: Trump Wants Tax Plan to Cut Corporate Rate to 15% -- Update 4-24-17

The Hill: Why Americans can’t afford to ignore the border adjustment tax 4-24-17

Seeking Alpha: BAT Going Down In Flames, Time To Buy Target 4-23-17

Reporter Herald: Border adjustment tax could devastate Colorado importers 4-22-17

The Robesonian
: Say no to new import tax 4-22-17


Freedom Partners: We Can Do Tax Reform Without Tax Hikes 4-18-17


Politico: Coming to a recess near you 4-11-47

Houston Chronicle: Brady faces rocky road to tax reform 4-7-17

Commercial Property Executive: What the GOP’s Border-Adjustment Tax Means for REITs 4-5-17

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