Thursday, May 25, 2017

Border Adjustment Tax Clips - May 25, 2017

Bloomberg:  Former Ex-Im Chairman Says Border Tax Not Happening  5-25-17

Foreign Affairs:  A Tale of Two Tax Plans  5-24-17

The Hill:  Border-adjustment tax proposal at death’s door  5-24-17

Vox:   Nobody likes the border adjustment tax — except the House Republicans who won't let it go 5-24-17

EPR Retail News:  The Border Adjustment Tax Would Jeopardize 42 Million Jobs Retailers Currently  Support  5-24-17

Fox Business:   Sen. Toomey: "Going to end up without having much of a [BAT]"  5-24-17

Bloomberg:  Ryan Isn't Folding on Border Tax, Says He's Talking About It  5-24-17

Bloomberg:  Mnuchin Tells Democrats No Go on Border Tax in Private Meeting  5-24-17

Axios:  Speaker Ryan on if Tax Reform Is possible w/o BAT: "Of Course" 5-23-17

Washington Free Beacon:  Business Owners Tout Tax Reform but Some Oppose Border-Adjustment Tax  5-24-17

Fox BusinessHouse GOP Tries to Keep Border-Adjusted Tax Alive 5-23-17

PoliticoCentral pillar of House tax reform plan draws friendly fire  5-23-17

Bloomberg:  Mnuchin Cites Border-Tax Concern as House Panel Seeks Tweaks  5-23-17

TheStreetMnuchin Puts Kibosh on Border Tax as House Debates Measure  5-23-17

The Hill:  Hearing highlights GOP divide over border tax  5-23-17

Star-TelegramTarget CEO tells Congress that GOP’s proposed import tax would hurt his customers  5-23-17

NY Times:  Border Tax’s Apparent Demise Jeopardizes G.O.P. Overhaul Plan  5-23-17

Washington Post:  GOP divisions grow over proposal for a border adjustment tax  5-23-17

BloombergTarget CEO Says Border Tax Could Hurt American Families  5-23-17

WSJ:  House GOP Tries to Keep Border-Adjusted Tax Alive  5-23-17

Politico:  Central pillar of House tax reform plan draws friendly fire  5-23-17

The Dallas Morning News:   House GOP tries to rally support for border tax proposal that's divided Texas' business community  5-23-17

Tampa Bay Business Journal:   Target, Beall's, other retailers speak out against border tax 5-23-17

Washington Examiner:   Border adjustment tax proponents struggle to prevent more Republican defections 5-23-17

Morning Consult:   Challenges Facing Border Tax Plan on Display at Ways and Means Hearing 5-23-17

CNBC:  Mnuchin: BAT Doesn’t Create Level Playing Field  5-23-17

E&E News:  Lawmakers to debate border adjustment plan  5-22-17 

US News & World ReportBorder Adjustment Tax Faces Uphill Battle  5-22-17  Texas businessman (and friend) flies to DC to oppose Kevin Brady's border tax plan  5-22-17

The News & Observer:  This small business owner says he can’t survive a Republican plan to tax imports  5-22-17

Fayetteville Observer:  A border tax will hurt business here  5-20-17

Weekly Standard:  The Right Cure  5-20-17

The Leader:  Border Adjustment Tax will harm Texas consumer economy  5-19-17

Wall Street Journal:  Key Republicans Change Stance on Trump  5-19-17 

Convenience Store Decisions:  NRF Fights Consumption Tax Proposal  5-18-17

Fox Business:  Jim Jordan on BAT: "I don't think that's what Republicans are about"  5-18-17

The Ledger:  A Polk Perspective: Border Adjustment Tax would be devastating to Florida  5-18-17

World Trade Online:  Brady touts border-adjustable tax in House GOP plan; Mnuchin skeptical  5-18-17

Politico:  Kochs boost Trump tax plan  5-18-17

Law360:  GOP Has No Tax Plan B Without Border Adjustment, Rep. Says  5-18-17

Bloomberg:  Sen. Perdue on what tax reform should really focus on  5-17-17

CNBC:  Rep. Kustoff has concerns on BAT  5-17-17

Chicago Tribune:  Trump support in Congress shows signs of crumbling  5-17-17

Politico ProWall Street gives up on a 2017 tax overhaul  5-17-17

The HillHouse GOP not sold on Ryan’s tax reform plan  5-16-17

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