Thursday, February 16, 2017

Border Adjustment Tax Clips (2-16-17)

More clips for you.  Remember, some links may not work because of required subscriptions. You can sometimes get in by Googling the title of the article.

Tax FoundationUnderstanding the House GOP’s Border Adjustment 2-16-17

Portland Press Herald/Washington PostRetailers try to sell Trump on killing ‘border adjustment’ tax plan 2-15-17

BreakingViewsHard Sell  2-15-17

Politico Pro: Renacci Demands Hearing On Border-Adjustment Proposal 2-15-17

Fox Business Network: Washington BAT Meetings: David French Interview  2-15-17

Washington Examiner: Tom Cotton launches broadside against House GOP import tax 2-15-17 [“But Cotton, in his prepared speech, compared the term ‘border-adjustment’ to Orwell's newspeak. It would raise taxes on ‘working Americans who've been struggling for decades while the rich keep getting richer. Why would we make their stuff at Walmart more expensive?’ he asked rhetorically.”]

The Telegraph: EU preparing legal challenge against Donald Trump's US border tax plan in what could be biggest trade dispute in a century 2-14-17 [Did you actually think Brady would get away with this scam??]

The Hill: Ryan tries to save tax plan 2-14-17 [“Senate Republicans say political momentum has begun to shift against the House’s border adjustment tax in recent days. Walking into the meeting with the Speaker, Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) said of the border tax proposal: It’s ‘going to be very difficult to get it through the Senate. I think it’s tough,’ said Scott, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction over tax issues. ‘The longer it takes to explain, the harder it is to implement.’”]

The Star OnlineBeware the new US ‘border tax’ plan 2-13-17

Bloomberg (Editorial)Trump and the Dangers of Radical Tax Reform 2-13-17

National Retail Federation:  Retail’s Impact

North Carolina Public Radio: Trump's Possible 'Border Adjustment Tax,' Explained 2-10-17

Toledo Blade: Border counties raise concerns with tax plan. Beer, tobacco prices could hike smuggling.  2-10-17

The National ReviewOn the Cusp of Historic Tax Reforms  2-8-17

RealClearMarketsA Quick Guide to the 'Border Adjustments' Tax 2-7-17

USA Today (Editorial)A taxing proposal: Our view  2-6-17

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:  Williams: Border tax would punish consumers, kill jobs 2-6-17

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