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Border Adjustment Tax Clips (Lots of Them) 2-6-17

Lots of clips, backed up a bit.  Some links might now work because a subscription is needed.  More and more articles are openly skeptical, and Kevin Brady's assertions look more and more dubious (or worse).  This list is not comprehensive, mainly owing to space and time constraints.  

The National Interest - The Border-Adjusted Tax Plan is Bad for America  2-5-17

Yahoo Finance - Will Trump's Border Tax Plan Include A Loophole for Mid-East Allies?  2-5-17

Washington PostA tax that could pay for Trump’s wish list is already dividing the GOP

CNBC - Power Lunch: Brian Dodge Panel Interview  2-6-17

Associated Press - GOP running into opposition from GOP on tax overhaul 2-3-17  [Senators Hatch, Cornyn skeptical]

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Williams: Border Tax Would Punish Consumers, Kill Jobs 2-6-17

Automotive News - Automakers Enlist Dealers In Border Tax Fight 2-4-17

Yahoo FinanceTrump's border tax plan has one problem 2-4-17

WSJExporters Tout Benefits of Republicans' 'Border Adjustment' Proposal 2-2-17

Bloomberg - Bourse investors Join Avocado Lovers in Potential Border-Tax Hit  2-2-17

CNBC -- How the GOP's Corporate Tax Plan Could Backfire and Slam Consumers  2-4-17

Forbes - The Border Adjustment Tax Will Hit U.S. Investors and Enrich Foreign Ones  2-2-17

CNBC - US Tax Plan Would Break WTO Rules, Lawyers Say  2-2-17  [Read this one!]

Fox News - Will Mexico Pay?  Trump Weighs Options to Fulfill Campaign Pledge on Border Wall Funding  2-2-17

New York Magazine - The GOP's Corporate Tax Reform Would Raise Taxes on Poor People  2-2-17 [Probably true.]

Sentinel Enterprise - Ford Sees Edge on Toyota in Border Tax Overhaul  2-2-17

Supply Chain DIVE - Walmart, Target, NRF Lead Retail Industry Coalition to Fight Border Adjustment Tax.  2-2-17

PR NewswireWell Over 100 Businesses & Trade Associations Launch Americans for Affordable Products to Stop Border Adjustment Tax  2-1-17

Associated PressRetailers, Trade Groups Increase Fight Against Tax Proposal  2-1-17

Fox BusinessModell's CEO On Trump's Border Tax: The Consumer Is Going To Pay  2-2-17

The Hill Trump's Right: GOP's Border Adjustment Tax 'Too Complicated'  2-2-17

CNNA Fight Is Coming Over The Border Adjustment Tax  2-2-17

Hogan Lovells - House Proposal for Border Adjustability and Relevant WTO Rules  2-2-17

Forbes - House GOP Border Tax Is A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.  2-2-17 [WTO Violations]

NPR - Episode 751: The Thing About That Border Tax  2-1-17

Apparel - Border Adjustment and the Triple Taxation Threat  2-1-17

WSJ - Hatch Raises Questions About House Border-Adjustment Tax Plan  2-1-17

US News &  World Report - Decoding a Border Tax  2-1-17

Quartz - This is the Republican Plot to Kill the US Corporate Tax as We Know It.  2-1-17

Racked - 100+ Retailers Are Joining Forces to Combat the GOP Border Adjusted Tax  2-1-17

Bloomberg - What Trump's 20% Border Tax Would Mean  2-1-17

NJ Spotlight - Opinion: Boom, Bust, or Beware?  2-2-17

Financial Times - US Will "Leapfrog" the World with Tax Reforms, says Kevin Brady.  2-1-17  [Brady's bouquet of tall tales.]

Bloomberg - Retailer-Backed Coalition Launches Campaign Against Border Tax  2-1-17

Global Toy News - A Border Tax:  Not a Good Thing for the Toy Industry   1-25-17

The Atlantic - So, What is a Border Adjustment?  1-27-17

The Petersen Institute for International Economics - Border Tax Adjustment and Corporate Tax Reforms 2-1-17 [Watch Andrew Posen trash Douglas Holtz-Eakin]

Newsmax: David McIntosh: Yes To Tax Breaks, No To Border Adjustment Tax  1-31-17

Washington Post: The Hottest Tax Idea In Washington Right Now Would Cost Average Families $1,000 A Year  1-31-17

Financial Times: Why A US Border Adjustment Tax Would Matter For The Oil Price  1-31-17

Reuters: How Toyota, Target, Best Buy Are Fighting Back Against Republican Border Tax Push 1-31-17

BNA: Sen. Cornyn Calls For Finance Hearing On Border Tax  1-31-17

Mother Jones: Surprise! A Border Adjustment Tax Screws The Poor And The Working Class.  1-31-17

CNBC: With A Crippling Border Tax Looming, Retailers Head To Washington  2-1-17

CNBC: US Drivers Will Pay For GOP Border Tax At The Pump, Says Goldman Commodities Chief  1-31-17

Business Insider: 'I Am Expecting Disaster': Concern About Trump's Import Tax Is Spreading Beyond The Border Region  1-31-17

National Review: Liberals Already Calling For Higher Rates On The Border Adjusted Tax  1-31-17

Cato Institute: Second Doubts About A Border-Adjustable Corporate Tax (BACT)  1-31-17

Lexology: Is There A Future For A Border Adjustment Tax In The United States?  1-31-17

The Hill: Border Tax Sets Off Frenzy Of Lobbying  2-1-17

Bloomberg: Ford Seen Reaping Edge Over Toyota In U.S. Border Tax Overhaul  1-31-17

Fortune: Parsing Trump’s Border Tax Plans  1-31-17

The Hill: Bet On A Tax Cut, Not Tax Reform  1-31-17

Oil Price: Trump’s Border Tax Could Kill U.S Oil Exports, Raise Gas Prices  1-31-17

Forbes: Think The Rich Aren't Price Sensitive? Import Tariffs Could Scramble U.S. Luxury Industry  1-31-17

Huffington Post: What President Trump’s Corporate Tax Policy Means For Your Pocketbook  2-1-17

Women's Wear Daily:  Think Tank:  New Washington Horror Movie - The 'BAT'  1-30-17

Huffington Post, James Bacchus, Proposed Border Tax Adjustments Risk Violating WTO Rules, 1/23/2017

Forbes, Here's How Under Armour Can Be Impacted By The Proposed 'Border Adjustment Tax', 1/23/2017

USA Today, Donovan Slack and Marco della Cava, Trump pledges major 'border tax' in CEO meeting at the White House, 1/23/2017

Investor’s Business Daily, Jason Ma, Trump Backs Border Tax Again After Wavering Earlier, 1/23/2017

Yahoo Finance, Rick Newman, How Trump will get his 'border tax', 1/23/2017

Motley Fool, Dan Caplinger, What a Border Adjustment Tax Is and Why You Should Care, 1/24/2017

CATO Institute, Scott Lincicome, Will House Republicans’ “Border Adjustable” Tax Plan Cause a Trade War? (Spoiler: Maybe Not!), 1/23/2017

Money Morning, The Blatant "Border Tax" Threat Donald Trump Gave to Businesses Today, 1/23/2017

OilPrice.com, TsvetanaParaskova, Does Trump’s ‘America First’ Tax Plan Benefit Oil & Gas?, 1/23/2017

Yahoo Finance, New Brattle Report Highlights the Dangers of Foreign Affiliate Reinsurance Tax on Consumer Access to Insurance and Reinsurance, 1/23/2017

Business Insider, Linette Lopez, Paul Ryan and Trump see 2 fundamentally different US economies — and one is a fantasy, 1/23/2017

DigitalLook, Alexander Bueso, Impact of US border tax may be less negative than feared, JP Morgan says, 1/23/2017

Bloomberg, Trump, Trade, and the U.S. Border Tax [Video], 1/24/2017

CNBC, Erin Barry, The trickle-down effects of Trumponomics, 1/22/2017

Politico, BROTHERLY LOVE, 1/23/2017

San Francisco Chronicle, Thomas Lee, Republican tax proposals could hurt Gap, Levi Strauss, 1/22/2017

The Hill, Daniel Mitchell, Trump calls House GOP tax plan 'too complicated.' He may be right., 1/20/2017

CNBC, Evelyn Cheng, Tax reform is at the top of the wish list for the biggest US stocks, 1/20/2017

CNBC, Matthew J. Belvedere, Chief GOP tax writer sees 'bad things' for US companies if a controversial 'border adjustment' provision gets axed, 1/20/2017

Investor’s Business Daily, David Mcintosh, Let's Bury The Idea Of A Border Adjustment Tax, 1/20/2017

The National Law Review, Melissa Miller Proctor, This Week in International Trade– Border Adjustment Tax, Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement & the NAFTA in the News, 1/20/2017

AEIdeas, Danielle Pletka and Michael R. Strain, Trump’s Inauguration Day: Policy recommendations for the new president, 1/20/2017

Seeking Alpha, Border Adjustment: How The GOP Tax Plan Could Impact The Markets, 1/22/2017

Healthworld, Rupali Mukherjee, US border tax: Indian pharma cos may be hit, 1/22/2017

CNBC, Matthew Yglesias, Donald Trump is going to bring us trade wars, big time, 1/20/2017

Bloomberg, Ramesh Ponnuru, Congressional Republicans must decode Trump's remarks, 1/20/2017

Washington Examiner, Joseph Lawler, Challenge for GOP tax reform: Making the change, 1/23/2017

Journal of Accountancy, Neil Amato, How a major beer importer is planning for tax reform, 1/20/2017

Financial Buzz, Dennis Huang, Trump Opposes Republican Business Tax Reform, 1/20/2017

Barron’s, Randall W. Forsyth, Will Trump Use a Cheaper Dollar to Boost U.S. Exports?, 1/21/2017

DailyFX, Christopher Vecchio, Inauguration Day Hype Means Little for US Dollar Initially, 1/20/2017

Business Insider, Libby Cantrill, Don't expect dramatic policy changes in Trump's first year, 1/21/2017

The Weekly Standard, Irwin M. Stelzer, Trump: Promises and Uncertainty, 1/21/2017

Vox, Matthew Yglesias, Donald Trump is going to bring us trade wars, big time, 1/20/2017

JD Surpra Business Advisor, David Christy, Jr., Michael House and David Townsend, Key Trade Appointees and President Trump’s Approach to International Trade Policy, 1/20/2017

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  1. The border adjustment tax has both political and economic justifications. The economic case for a border adjustment is that it would reduce incentives for profit shifting across nations through transfer pricing in favor of tax havens with lower rates of taxation (Auerbach and Holt-Eakin 2016, Auerbach et al. 2017). This is because the border adjustment tax links the tax jurisdiction to the site of consumption rather than the location of production because it is a destination-based tax. The border adjustment tax is supposed to help increase government revenues in order to cover the deficit that would result from the corporate tax rate reduction, according to the political justification.