Wednesday, February 15, 2017

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Says "No" to Border Adjustment Tax

Like rats scurrying off a sinking ship, Republicans can't distance themselves fast enough from the awful and dangerous Border Adjustment Tax.  Republican Mark Meadows (R-NC) says "his 'preference' is to do tax reform without the border adjustment tax on imports, a key component of House leadership's Better Way tax plan; 'Let's go ahead and pass one without border adjustment, assuming that we can lower corporate [taxes] to 20 percent, flatten the rate out for individuals,'"

Can you feel the temperature change on Capitol Hill?  It's getting safe, almost fashionable, to ditch Brady and Ryan.

You have to wonder where this ends.  The House Republicans have been lying, selling a bill of goods for weeks and months now.  Their "good ideas" presented a dire threat to our economy.

So, do they get a free pass for this bad behavior?  Is this the leadership our nation needs right now?

First things first, let's keep pushing until they raise the white flag.

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