Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pressure Mounts on House Republicans as Americans for Affordable Products Forms to Stop Border Adjustment Tax

On a day when Senator Orrin Hatch noted concerns over the impact of the Brady Plan's Border Adjustment Tax provision in a speech at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and acknowledged the serious concerns of several Senators over the plan, a new coalition formed in opposition to the Border Adjustment Tax plan. The new coalition, named Americans for Affordable Products ( [updated link] includes 120 organizations and trade associations, including our company Learning Resources, Inc.

The Mission of this organization says it all:

"The Americans for Affordable Products is a coalition of job creators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders united against higher prices on everyday necessities. We oppose any Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) because it will increase the cost of clothing, food, medicine, gas, and other essential items that Americans rely on. Consumers shouldn’t bear the burden of this new tax while some corporations get a tax break. We fight for consumers by protecting their pocketbooks and ensuring access to affordable everyday products. We support comprehensive tax reform and encourage Congress to implement policies that helps businesses of all sizes, ensures the protection and creation of jobs, and promotes prosperity for all Americans."

Notwithstanding the overwhelming cries of protests from across the economy, and the documented fact that small businesses are squarely in the bullseye of this terrible proposed law, Chairman Kevin Brady remains "very adamant" about proceeding on this provision according to Hatch.  He wants your money - and doesn't care about the jobs he will be callously endangering..

Brady is not listening to us or to you.  The new coalition is going to amp up the pressure, but you must also share your voice.  Tweet out this blog and call your Senator and Congressman to protest.  Everyone needs to hear from us - or Brady will launch his inflation firestorm on your family.

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