Monday, March 6, 2017

Border Adjustment Tax Clips (3-6-17)

Clips, clips, clips. Some links may not work for you because subscriptions are required.  You can sometimes see the article if you Google the title.

New York Times:  The Case for a Border-Adjusted Tax  3-6-17

Washington Examiner:  Sen. Ron Wyden: GOP pushing a 'grocery tax'  3-3-17

Politico Pro:  Cornyn: Senate looking at alternatives to BAT 3-2-17 

Wall Street Journal:  Fish Importer Casts Worry Over Border-Adjusted Tax  2-28-17

Washington Examiner:  Did Trump tiptoe closer to GOP tax plan?  2-28-17

New York MagazinePresident Trump’s Gold-Plated Budget Plan  2-27-17

Progressive Farmer:  Contradictory News on Border Tax Adjustment  2-27-17

Wall Street Journal:  The Illusory Flaws of ‘Border Adjustment’  2-26-17

Investors DailyJust Say No To The Border Tax 2-24-17

Macro Business:  Bill Evans tours Trumpland  2-17-17

National Journal:   Border Tax Hits a Wall of Opposition 2-15-17

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