Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Good American Jobs

I am very fearful that the ridiculous political rhetoric of today will turn into a slander of our company, our mission and our people.  It's a wholly unjustified result but not a wholly unjustified fear.

"Good American Jobs" are Made in America Jobs.

Ergo, our company does not provide "Good American Jobs" because we choose to make our products overseas.

Ergo, we are not a "Good American Company".

Ergo, our products are not "Good American Products". And our mission is corrupt, too.

Ergo, our employees are not "Good Americans".

You must admit, it seems possible on the slippery slope of today's hyperbolic empty-headed chatter.

I've actually seen some of this in comments to articles in which I have been quoted. Accusations, without foundation or any factual basis, of using child labor or taking advantage of foreign workers or other nefarious, paranoid fantasies.

Quite the opposite is true.  We provide high paying jobs to do meaningful work.  We are highly ethical, don't cheat and put the interests of the families, teachers and schools that use our products first.  I will put our safety record up against any toy company of our size and age, or larger or older toy companies.  No one can touch our record of commitment.

I don't want to let this terrible idea take root.

Here is a video about what it's like to work at our Educational Insights company.  See if you think we are providing "Good American Jobs" or not.

Don't let this corruption take over your mind.  We are neighbors and we are committed to each other.  Don't let demagogues divide us.

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