Sunday, March 19, 2017

Border Adjustment Tax News Clips (3-19-17)

More clips!  As in the past,  you may find some clips require a subscription and that you may be able to get in to some articles via Google searches under the article title.

The SpectrumBordering on bad  3-16-17

VarietyWhat Does GOP’s Proposed ‘Border Adjustment Tax’ Mean for Filming Abroad?  3-16-17 [Movie Industry had a $17.8 billion trade surplus in 2015.  Ca-ching!!]

NPR Marketplace:  Is a border adjustment tax illegal?  3-15-17

The Fiscal Times:  Texas Has a Lot to Lose From a Border Tax  3-15-1-7

The Oregon Prosperity Project:  Economic Implications of a U.S. Border Adjustment Tax  3-15-17  The U.S. Border Tax Would Hit Texas Hard  3-14-17

Farm Forum:  Border Adjustment Tax is poor policy  3-14-17

Palisades Hudson:  Adjusting Taxes Away From The Border  3-13-17

The National Interest:  The Folly of Paul Ryan's Border-Adjustment Tax  3-12-17

Indianapolis Business Journal:  Bury the idea of a border adjustment tax  3-11-17

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