Sunday, March 12, 2017

Border Adjustment Tax Clips (Week of March 12, 2017)

More clips for you! As in the past, some links might not work because they require a subscription, and some articles must be accessed via Google by searching the title.

CNBC: The White House really doesn't want to tip its hand on a key House tax reform provision 3-10-17

JCKOnline: Jewelers of America Gears Up to Fight the Border Adjustment Tax 3-10-17

Legal Insurrection: McConnell, White House Battle Over Tax Reform Timeline 3-10-17

Marginal Revolution: Jason Furman and Olivier Blanchard on the Border Adjustment Tax 3-10-17

CNBC: Rep. Brady: Health care reform not slowing down tax reform 3-10-17

Bloomberg BNA: Hugo Boss Warns on Impact of ‘Protectionist’ U.S. Policies 3-10-17

Politico PRO: Cornyn, Murkowski Dis Border Tax, Trade Protectionism 3-10-17

CNBC: CERAWEEK-Top senators voice skepticism over U.S. border tax 3-10-17

CNBC: JC Penney CEO says border tax would make profitability 'virtually impossible' in short run 3-10-17

The Hill: Gingrich praises House GOP border tax proposal 3-9-17

Newsmax: Newt Gingrich: Border Tax 'Right First Step' Toward Reform 3-9-17

Bloomberg: GOP Senators Say August Deadline for Tax Plan May Be Unrealistic 3-9-17

Fox Network: Rep. Jim Renacci: Big concern with BAT is it "picks winners and losers" 3-9-17

Forbes: Insurance For The Border-Adjustment Tax 3-9-17

Reuters: Canada steps up campaign against possible U.S. border tax 3-9-17

Washington Examiner: Republican Jeff Flake comes out against House GOP import tax plan 3-8-17

The Hill
: Knock, knock: Economic ivory tower, meet retail reality 3-8-17

Washington Examiner
: Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross: No decision on border tax yet 3-8-17

The Hill: Black Chamber backs House GOP border tax 3-8-17

Morning Consult
: National Black Chamber of Commerce Endorses Border Tax Provision 3-8-17

InsideSources: How the Border Adjustment Tax Could Help African American Businesses 3-8-17

C-Span2: Arizona Senator Jeff Flake Expresses “Concerns” With Border Adjustment Tax 3-8-17

The Hill
: GOP’s Border Tax Will Kill Blue-Collar Jobs & Harm Consumers 3-8-17

West Valley View: Border tax will be bad 3-8-17 

Fortune: The Fatal Flaw That May Spell Death For Trump’s Tax Plan 3-8-17

MarketWatch: Opinion: Border tax adjustment isn’t an easy route to more jobs 3-8-17

: John Deere CEO: BAT is "bad for our customers and bad for us" 3-7-17

Bloomberg: 'Border Adjustment Tax' Just Means New Loopholes 3-7-17

CNBC: Trump's Commerce secretary sidesteps border adjustment as president to meet with senators who oppose it 3-7-17

Washington Examiner
: Paul Ryan and Kevin Brady are batty to support a border adjustment tax 3-7-17

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: House corporate tax shift leaves some Wisconsin Republicans, businesses uncertain 3-7-17

South China Morning Post: China must rethink free float for the yuan, as US border tax looms 3-7-17

Ways and Means: TaxReformTuesday: Rep. Tom Rice 3-7-17

WWD Paris: Emanuel Chirico Of PVH Corp. 3-7-17 [See page 15.]

Forbes: Congress Should Focus On Proven Pro-Growth Tax Reform, Not The Border Adjustment Tax 3-6-17

Bloomberg: Forget the Border Levy. Here's the Really Big GOP Tax Idea. 3-6-17

: General Motors sale not driven by Republican border tax plan, says CEO 3-6-17

American Journal of Transportation
: NRF Launches Campaign Highlighting Consumer Cost of Border Adjustment Tax 3-6-17

Michigan Live
: Meijer, Wolverine Worldwide oppose Republicans' border-tax plan 3-6-17

: BMW flexible to Trump's tax plans and Brexit challenges: CEO 3-6-17

Yahoo Finance: Investor alert: Trump’s tax cuts are looking iffy 3-6-17

The Fiscal Times
: It’s High Time for Tax Reform, but the Republicans Are Doing It Wrong 3-5-17

CNBC: Douglas Holtz-Eakin: Tax reform can "happen with or without adjustment at the border" 3-3-17

Bloomberg: Trump Speech Drops Hints About Need for Border Tax 3-2-17 

Washington Examiner: GOP Gov. Walker questions border tax idea 2-26-17

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